Dr. Victoria Boccanfuso, PsyD.

  Dr. Victoria Boccanfuso is a licensed clinical psychologist with a passion for conducting person centered therapy. Dr. Boccanfuso focuses on dynamic therapy techniques of assisting individuals in self actualizing (striving for and reaching personal and professional goals) to the extent of their interests and abilities, not the expectations set by others. Areas of specialty are relationships, grief, stress, anxiety,  family and divorce related needs, and health care related assessments. Dr. Boccanfuso has also appeared on the TV show "The Doctors", as a special guest to assist a client with agoraphobia. 


 Dr. Boccanfuso (Dr. B to many colleagues) completed her graduate study at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill California where she earned an M.A. (Master of Arts) in Clinical Psychology and a PsyD (Doctorate in Psychology) in Clinical Psychology with a focus in understanding and working with diversity in therapy (cultural, social, socioeconomic, gender, and other forms of diversity) as well as multi-cultural competence.  

My Mission

 “I knew from the time I was a teenager that therapy was what I was meant to do and the study of psychology is something that has fascinated me throughout my education and career.” With research in the areas of relationships and clinical work experience in family, child, and individual therapy, as well as professional team building and staff supervision Dr. Boccanfuso brings a diverse and balanced set of experience to therapy.As the former Director of Behavioral Services working with an agency serving adults with developmental disabilities Dr. Boccanfuso is an advocate for self actualization for all individuals and social understanding of society at large. “I realize that some of my goals and dreams will require a lot of work, but nothing grand can happen if you don’t have something toward which to strive.”