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The types of services offered by Dr. Boccanfuso include the following:

 What is Therapy?

Therapy is the greatest gift an individual can give to themselves. When it is the right type of therapy with the right type of therapist. Psychotherapy was originally called “The Talking Cure” because it is based on assisting clients in gaining support and understanding challenging issues through talking to a qualified, trained, and educated professional. Therapy is different from talking to a close friend because a therapist is able to be unbiased and to apply theoretical concepts to better understand complex issues and diagnoses.

Therapy is a professional relationship and although it is easy, and desirable, to become close with your therapist there are professional boundaries that are maintained that ensure respect and honesty from your therapist. A good therapy relationship involves discussing difficult issues and confronting uncomfortable realities. Real healing is not possible if you do not have a professional, honest, and genuine relationship.

Who Can Provide Therapy?

Therapy can be provided by a marriage and family therapist, a psychologist, a psychological assistant, or a psychiatrist. The difference between these types of therapists are specialty and type of training. The way to find out which type of therapist is best for you is to consider the issues or diagnosis for which you need support and find a few therapists who are familiar with or specialize in treating those issues.

What is Good Therapy?

Good therapy is honest, genuine talk with a trained therapist who is a good fit for your personality and background. Not every therapist will be a good fit for you. If this is the case, you do not have to continue meeting with that therapist. A bad fit does not mean someone is a bad therapist, just not the right therapist for you. Therapy is a service for which you invest your valuable time and your money and you are entitled to benefit from it. Dr. Boccanfuso recommends getting the names of at least three therapists and calling to interview them. The following questions are important to ask in order to find a good therapist:

Most therapists will ask what your reason is for seeking therapy so that they can determine if they are able to best serve you. You can share a small amount of information in order to make the best decision on whether or not this may be a good therapy relationship.

How Can Dr. Boccanfuso Help You

Dr. Boccanfuso specializes in working with depression, anxiety, concerns related to weight and body image, functional behavioral assessment and behavioral modification for all ages, child custody evaluations, divorce coach/child specialist, and the life challenges that affect all of us on a regular basis. You do not have to have a specific or serious diagnosis to benefit from therapy. Dr. Boccanfuso believes that life is not easy and we all deal with challenging issues that must be faced and handled if we want to be successful as human beings. Some of the common, everyday issues that Dr. Boccanfuso believes in supporting are loss, grief, stress, performance anxiety, worry, and relationships (whether romantic, friendship, professional working relationships, or family relationships). Everyone can benefit from therapy and seeking therapy does not make a person sick. Unfortunately, there remains a stigma around seeking and receiving therapy or counseling. Dr. Boccanfuso would like to attempt to contradict this myth with the view that it is a very strong person who is able to recognize that they need extra support and take the steps to get that support.

Dr. Boccanfuso is looking forward to hearing from you. Please view the Contact page for information on how to get in touch with Dr. Boccanfuso.

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